New Florida GOP chair Joe Gruters: 'This is the party of Donald Trump in Florida'

ORLANDO SENTINEL Writes: New Florida GOP chair Joe Gruters: 'This is the party of Donald Trump in Florida'. Joe Gruters declared the state GOP “the party of Donald Trump” after he was overwhelming elected chairman by party officials on Saturday. “And it’s now the party of Ron DeSantis,” added Gruters, a state senator from Sarasota who won with 88 percent of the vote over the lone challenger, Bob Starr of Charlotte County. DeSantis, whose victory in the governor’s race came after a primary endorsement by Trump, was the star of the annual party meeting at the Rosen Centre in Orlando. DeSantis earned cheers from party leaders after his whirlwind first week in office for not only his removal of the Democratic sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel, but his call for the resignations of the entire South Florida Water Management District appointed by his GOP predecessor, now-U.S. Sen. Rick Scott. “I get a kick out of people being surprised – ‘I’m surprised he’s doing this, and doing this’ – because I think people get so used to people running campaigns saying whatever it takes to get elected, and as soon as they get in there, they act as if none of that ever happened,” DeSantis said. “Well that’s not how I am,” he said. “When I was saying things, I intended to do it.”


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